Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Very Creepy Birthday: Bowling and D'Balling

Last last weekend was a mighty celebration for my pal Mr Creepy. 
My original plan was to spend the weekend camping, followed by a beach birthday party for the Creepster.  But the weather was crappy and we scraped up other things to do. 

Earlier in the week, Mr Creep, another friend, and others from their school shaved their heads for St. Baldricks, a charity which funds research for childhood cancers. 

Little did we know that losing his locks would lead to an entire makeover.  I found him on Saturday with a bag full of accessories from H&M, and later we ran around town looking for a place to get his ear pierced.  Creepy for sure!

Then there was Sunday brunch with the boys with a short break then on to birthday bowling!

I bowled a 106! 

I was seriously hongray by the time bowling was over, so on the way home we hit up the gastropub Delaney's.  I've had drinks at each of the locations, but haven't tried their food.  I shared a burger and a tuna melt, and the tuna melt was much better.  We were also crazy for the nacho cheese.  Hey, we live in Asia.  Cheap faux-mexican dairy is a luxury.

And then on Wednesday was a very special short shorts edition of d'balling.  I could try to explain to you the significance of all this, but if you haven't watched Arrested Development, well, your life is just lacking anyway.

Our game fell on Creepy's actual bday, and I secretly invited his friends to put on their cutoffs and watch the game.  Spectators at these games are pretty much non existent since the courts are kinda at random spots, and the games are pretty late during the week.  But it was super great having a cheering squad.

And once again, Junk Shot FTW!  Junk Shot 10, The Incrediballs 8.  That keeps us at undefeated status 4 games in, and once again number one in our division!

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