Monday, March 21, 2011

Entourage Grand Opening, again

My memory fails me but maybe the first one was a soft opening.  On Friday I stopped by the Grand Opening of a new restaurant and bar that my friend designed: Entourage
My friend did a great job with the bar downstairs and restaurant upstairs, but the finishing touches are still not yet complete.  When I arrived to the opening party, I did one lap around the bar downstairs and found...  pretty much ALL French.  Yeah, I'll say it, French in big numbers here are pretty douchey.  Individuals can be totally fine wonderful people but, you know what I'm saying.  Go ahead and say the same thing for Americans cause it's true.  I think the douche population is significantly more concentrated here than anywhere else in the world!

Once I found my friends nestled in a cozy table upstairs with free food and drinks I was content.  The above picture is the remains of a French wedding cake.  Basically a tower of cream puffs held together by a hard caramel.... O... M.... G...  this cake didn't last long.  The restaurant boasts a little pastry corner with delights such as this cake made fresh, which I think is a huge selling point for the restaurant and could make them stand out above the rest.

My Friday night turned out fabulous but got off to a rocky start.  I had planned on leaving the office at closing time on the dot (as one should on a Friday) so I could go home, freshen up, and make my way to the Hiking Meetup Group's big bad anniversary party.  Maybe I could even squeeze in a disco nap since I was still suffering from St Patty's night of blackout drunkenness (no joke.  second time in a week.  oops).  But my adorable hard hitting new hire had other plans for me which included staying at the office more than 3 hours later than I wanted to.  I'm not afraid of 12+ hour days, but I guess it's time to lay down the law that excessive work will not get in the way of my social life.  I'm a single gal now, there's got to be some balance! 

Yeah, I was pretty upset that I missed the anniversary party, but there was plenty more in store for me on this Friday evening.  I met up with some friends I haven't seen in a while, cruised Wyndham St and scored free drinks.  It was like Freshman year in Hongkie all over again, except I wasn't stuffing my face with Ebeneezers and I managed to get to bed at a reasonable hour.  It was fun, but I was just too tired.  Next time I'll make time for that disco nap!

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