Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Run this Town Tonight

Harborside Run, around 10k
Still amazed, I live here!  Yep, I sure did take this photo from my phone!

My running track record and working out overall has waned since the half marathon.  Work, socializing, and the rest of life were so ready to take over once I crossed that finish line.  Even though it looks like my racing season is over until things cool off again, I've got to maintain this part time job of exercise because I have 5 weddings coming up in the next few months.  Yikes!

I wanted to try and squeeze in a run in between work and dinner, but I ran out of time.  Once you figure in a shower, drying hair, redoing makeup...  that's just too much time and I'd rather keep that to once a day instead of twice.  And I don't like my workouts to be rushed, so I don't do lunchtime workouts that much.

And lets get one thing straight.  I'm not a morning person.  I'm the antithesis of a morning person.  I won't wake up until I absolutely have to, and even then I manage to hit the snooze for another 30 minutes.  Morning runs will never ever happen.

So by default, I'm a late night runner.  I don't see a problem.  I can finish a work day, have a light meal, do what I need to do at home, run around the block, shower and pass out.  Exercise does not keep me pumped up, exercise makes me wanna sleep.  I'll stick to my routine.

It's warming up and my days running outside are numbered.  It's too hot and too humid for me to keep it up.  But I'll enjoy it while I still can.  I should explore other routes, but I've stuck to this one.  From my apartment I walk about 10 mins to the harbor, run alongside the harbor and through various construction sites, stop to stretch and walk that 10 mins back home.  Except for the walking bits, I don't have to stop for lights or traffic or any of that.  I don't really know how people can run doing that...  but maybe they embrace that break.  Another nice thing, HK is really really ridiculously safe and it's ok for me to be out and about at weird hours.  Of course I can't be stupid, but I noticed last night that there were always a few people within sight should trouble emerge.  The not good part is passing pedestrians that are smoking, or running along side of the street and inhaling fumes or dust from construction.  Not cool.

Overall it was a good Monday nite run.  I only had to stop to take a picture and walk it out for a sec when I had a cramp.  This could all have been avoided if I hydrated myself with water instead of port at dinner.  Oops.  My legs didn't feel as strong as they should, so, I guess I have to keep this up.

Finished and so ready for some water, a shower, and bedtime!


Anonymous said...

can you give us the tims and dates of the junk shot games because currently the HKDA website is under construction. (:

Olivia said...

Hi! Visiting your blog for the first time via SkinnyRunner. You are so lucky to live in HK! I lived in Manila for awhile and would head to HK once and awhile for shopping, etc. I love it :)