Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Magic Junk

Whiskey and Cubans and seafood, oh my!

Winter and evening junks are a not too common occurrence.  So it was the perfect idea for a going away party.  We loaded our junk with snacks wine and whiskey and set sail for the island of Lamma.  Don't think any less of me.  I've never been to Lamma!  It's known for seafood and hippies...  sounds good to me. 

We arrived at our restaurant and chose our dinner.  Why is that fish upside down??  These guys are definitely not pretty to look at.

A sampling of our feast.  Our crew took up two tables.

And then there was bobbing for tomatoes in the fish's mouth!

Even though we were super stuffed, we made room for ice cream.  I love me some ice cream.

Back on the boat, we digested with some Cubans.

And maybe a little dancing too. It ended up being a super late night, and I was so tired I couldn't even make it to 5 AM breakfast. I must be getting old.

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