Friday, September 08, 2006

World Wide Jag Launches!

I am proud to announce my latest project:

There you will find all kinds of fun stuff, including pictures and Friendship Night 2.0!

I'm not sure if I will continue to use this blogger blog. It has been a good friend, and I will not forget you.

And that's the news.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

When another door closes...

I've been so busy mourning the loss of summer that I completely forgot about football!

Although the summer can be hot and unbearable without a/c in da house, summer is a wonderful thing. Dresses and beautiful evenings and outdoor activities and dining and baseball games, Hollywood Bowl. Movies at the Hollywood Cemetery. Oh yeah, summer is probably my most favorite because of long lasting sunlit days. I have really fallen into a depression when it gets darker at 4 pm.

When you think you just can't take the heat any more, fall sets in. And we're ready to trade in our flip flops for awesome boots.

On Saturday I watched the U of A game with a couple of fellow Media Arts alums. It was crazy awesome. We watched a compelling game. Drank beer. Ate carbs. I'd like to make a shout out to the kicker, who not only won the otherwise tied game in the last few seconds, but also scored the bulk of our points. Funny enough, I went to elementary school with this kid, and his mom is a doctor and she showed us what STDs look like in sex ed class. No really. Pictures. F'ing scarred for life.

Bottom Line. He's my personal hero and I will pray every night that our souls will be saved when we face LSU. And USC.
Check the game here.

It's terribly late and I can't even scratch the surface on my love for the Wildcats.

Bear Down, Arizona.