Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding # 1 of a Series

I've been on vacation so there's LOTS of catching up to do.  Big news, C & H got married!  They didn't want pics to leak just yet, but I had to offer you something.  Check us out, dancing fools on the dance floor!  And no, the bride and groom are not in this pic.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Saturday at the Sevens: South Stand Streetfighter Edition

Day 2 at the 7s.  Dress up like Streetfighter?  Yeah, we can do that.

A Lesson in Rugby: My 1st HK 7s

For real deal info on the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, you can check it out on wikipedia here.  But what you really need to know is it's 3 days of excessive drinking, visitors from all over, crazy costumes, oh yeah and rugby!  Imagine Halloween + Mardi Gras + the Superbowl on drugs and maybe you'll have a rough idea.