Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Lesson in Rugby: My 1st HK 7s

For real deal info on the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens, you can check it out on wikipedia here.  But what you really need to know is it's 3 days of excessive drinking, visitors from all over, crazy costumes, oh yeah and rugby!  Imagine Halloween + Mardi Gras + the Superbowl on drugs and maybe you'll have a rough idea.
I don't know how I got away the previous few years without ever attending the actual event.  But here we are, Friday and Day One of the Rugby 7s.

After work I ran over to meet my friends at the stadium.  I've never been there but it's a great venue.

It was exciting to cheer for the HK team, especially since my friend's brother plays for them!  Because there aren't really any sporting events or teams to support in HK, it makes this weekend each year super special.

Like I said, if you want to know how the tournament works, please check the above wiki link.  All I know is several countries are represented and each game is very short.  Did you know America has a rugby team?  We play rugby??  I've never witnessed rugby before this event, and it's definitely an exciting sport to watch.  These guys are seriously tough!

The first Team USA game was vs Japan, and believe me, we got some seriously dirty looks for cheering on USA.  We knew what everyone was thinking, but someone actually said out loud: Do you know what they've been through????  Yes, we live in Asia and we are completely aware.  Of course I don't want Japan to lose.  But I would take a bullet for my country and I can cheer for no other than USA!  USA!  (yep.  this is why they hate us)

After a full evening of rugby and several pitchers of beer later...  we were ready for some real food.  We walked over to a great Thai restaurant where I encountered this...

I actually ran out of the restaurant to take a picture with these fools.  Love them!  A foreshadowing of the madness to come in the morning.  Stay tuned for day 2 at the 7s!

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