Thursday, April 07, 2011

Saturday at the Sevens: South Stand Streetfighter Edition

Day 2 at the 7s.  Dress up like Streetfighter?  Yeah, we can do that.
To break down the three day event, Friday is the warm up, Saturday is the serious party, and Sunday is the serious rugby.  I don't know where the tradition of dressing up in costumes came from, but I'll take it!  There were a lot of Black Swans, a lot of Mexicans (it was Mexico's debut at the event), a lot of Angry Birds, and a lot of Prince Williams and Kates.  The people watching alone is worth it!

The south stand (ie party stand) fills up really quick on Saturday, and we had to wait in line for a couple of hours to get in.  That was fine because we had plenty of beer and friends to keep us company.  Such as the A Team!  Could that be the real Mr T?  I'll pretend it is.
These guys with the shake weights were AWESOME.

And finally, we made our way to our friends in the south stand.  Our objective was to get there early, have our fun, and get out of there at some point in the afternoon when it got gross.  You can imagine, with all that drinking, what kind of fluids are being tossed around.  I kid you not.  I didn't even dare go into the bathroom.

Spotted in the south stand: Oopah Loompahs!

Some Smurfs and Black Swans

Real Pandas from Chengdu!

Oh hello, it's my friends!

I apologize.  I saw a lot of male behind.  I tried to post a pic of a guy in a Borat swimsuit but it wouldn't let me!  Let your eyes be saved another day.  There was also a group of dudes in front of us wearing speedos.  Yeah, you have to drink a lot to do such a thing, or remain in the same proximity!

This luchador needed a little nap.

Once we got out of the south stands it was totally civilized.  Clean bathrooms with no lines, and no wait for food or drink either.  The one upside to the south stand is no kids are allowed there.  It's 18 and older.  Back in the civilized side of things, there are lots of obnoxious teens and tweens just being...  young.  I know I was plenty annoying when I was that age.

Well at least in the civilized world I found some very civilized friends!  Hey girls!  I was also very happy to see my friend Cathy who moved back to Chicago but was back in town for the week.  Yay visitors!

The view of the south stand.
Don't mess with us!  The streetfighter crew.

Sadly we were always split up so we don't have a picture of the whole crew together.  Odds are we will get back into our costumes in the not too distant future.

Dubs needed a little zzzzzz. 

And just like that, we completed day 2 at the 7s. Some were sent home early. Some took a three hour nap in the bathroom. I just wanted dinner!

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