Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rat Alley


I haven't been so good at blogging, but I have other skills.

This beautiful cul-de-sac of dining is a collection of outdoor restaurants: Thai, Malaysian, Indian, Vietnamese, and an unfamiliar diner may become overwhelmed by the "greeters" along LKF who drag you in to eat their food. Lonely Planet tells you to go for the guy with the chops, but I've eaten from all of the restaurants, and they are all pretty dang good.

I recently went there for Team Oz's bday dinner, late-night grub post-Bierfest, and I just had to take my sis to a place we endearingly call Rat Alley.

This picture is taken from a dangerous little pathway that leads to a tucked away pub called Le Jardin. It's in the middle of everything, but the speakeasy factor weeds out the riffraff. And I dig that.

Beware of vermin.