Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wedding # 1 of a Series

I've been on vacation so there's LOTS of catching up to do.  Big news, C & H got married!  They didn't want pics to leak just yet, but I had to offer you something.  Check us out, dancing fools on the dance floor!  And no, the bride and groom are not in this pic.
If you can believe it, I've got 5 weddings in the next 3 months!  This trumps the trifucta of weddings in the summer of 2007!

I live in this playground and have a very full life working, traveling, living it up.  But it appears you can't escape life, even in the playground.  I've been here 3 years and friends are starting to settle down.  Several of my friends here are now engaged and I'm elated for them, but I wish we could live single frivolous lives forever.  Maybe I will.

Along came April and the first wedding of the series.  The great thing about weddings, besides getting to dress up and look fabulous, is being in a happy environment with your friends.  A lot of my friends were invited to this wedding since this particular circle has been friends since we all moved to Hongkie 3 years ago.  We had a lot of champagne, we schmoozed with the families, and broke it down on the dance floor.  Everyone was SO HAPPY, that's really all you can ask for.  An amazing, beautiful, super lovely night.

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