Monday, February 21, 2011


Every now and again, cool music does, in fact land in HK.

Swedish band jj hits HK for the first time.  They opened for The XX last year and really, that was all I need to know.  I found some of their songs which were pretty cool, and a handful of us were game for the adventure.

After work we hauled it to the boonies and grabbed an easy dinner at a nearby mall.  The venue was so out there that we couldn't be sure of dining options, even with Canto speakers.  We got to the general location in an industrial neighborhood, and once we hopped out of the cab we followed the other conspicuous white people into the shady elevator pictured above.

The venue, Hidden Agenda was pretty darn cool.  Since it was quite a distance from Central, the douche level was minimal even though it was filled with gweilos.  And with super cheap beer you can't go wrong.  Except the sound was kinda wacky.  I don't know if it was a one time problem (it seemed to be a big problem especially at the end) or if it's an ongoing thing.  The band actually wasn't so loud, and because of that, conversations were.  And that made it awkward.  If the band was loud enough, people would be listening to music and not their friend talking.  

When I find the song I like, I'll post it.  In the mean time, since Coachella is sold out (boo!!!!) I'm hoping more good music comes my way!

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