Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sir Cecil's Ride Trail Run (ie the big mistake)

Trail runners or miners?  There are reasons why you should only do one big run a week.

If you are smarter than me, perhaps you don't have to keep reading.

At least the view is nice!

I was excited for a new trail run adventure, even though I have hiked this path in the daylight before.  And I was excited for more distance than our usual trail runs.  This one was about 15 km.  I probably would have done great had it not been for that nearly 20 km-last-chance-for-big-boy-miles-run before the half marathon.  It didn't hurt, but man was I tired.  And my legs were not sore but heavy and hard to move.  This was not the fun experience I had in all the previous trail runs.  Even our fearless leader noticed I was slower than usual.

Lessons learned, if I'm not ready, it's ok to back down.  Sometimes I just load my plate too full.  The eyes are too wide.
So it looks like I'm taking a break from the trails for a couple of weeks.  As we speak, I'm rubbing myself down with Ben Gay.  That's (icy) hot!

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