Friday, February 18, 2011

Chinese New Year Karaoke & Potluck

Kareoke is love.

Keep reading for a peek at our playlist

The Lumpia Factory mass produced some tasty goodness for our karaoke and potluck party.  We found a great place on the top of the drinking towers in Causeway Bay that could offer us a room for karaoke and allowed us to bring our own food.  This was also the same place we kicked off CNY two years earlier.  A different set of friends (family) and a complete coincidence.  This place ends up being a lot pricier than other karaoke joints, but the English song selection is the best around.

Usually karaoke rooms are pretty small, but this one had plenty of space.  Probably why it ended up being so expensive.  We should have rolled with a bigger crew.

This is how we shake it like a polaroid picture.  We know what we're doing.

Our song selection included everything from:
The Cranberries
Madonna's Material Girl
Ghostbusters Theme Song
Something by Smashing Pumpkins
A couple songs by Marilyn Manson
Radiohead's Creep
Outkast's Hey Ya
Lady Gaga
The Beatles' I want to hold your hand
Meatloaf's epic I would do anything for love, but I won't do that
Lots of Journey.  Duh.
and plenty more.  Karaoke is love for real.

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