Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What I Wore: Hot Pot Edition

Another new feature on my blog: What I Wore.

I did something like this years ago via a flickr group and it was fun. Mostly, I like going through style blogs for inspiration and really like people's daily updates on what they wore.  I'm going to have to figure out the correct angle that is A) flattering (aren't we all obsessed with high angles?) and B) does the outfit justice.  This pic is slightly too high.  I'll also need to find a better space for photos since my creepy apartment building hallway is...  creepy.

Appropriately dressed for hot pot (ie oil getting everywhere, dark colors a must) and me hating black...  but I gave it cause I never wear black!  From top to bottom:

Black turtleneck: Xmas present from last year
Gray "snakeskin" belt: inherited from mother
Rose gold watch which I wear all the time: 30th Bday Present
Gauchos!  A few years old from Anthropologie
Cute greyish boots that are a little too high heeled for me: Pedder Red

Now in an ideal world, we would have that wardrobe computer program that Cher did in Clueless so we could put together outfits.  That was like, 1996, where's my outfit generator!

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