Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saturday Night in the Hood: Hot Pot + Snooker Edition

Snooker is the cricket of pool.  Do you agree?
It was one of those weekends I was only home long enough to sleep.  Who am I kidding, most of my days are like that.  And I'm tired.  After an afternoon of running errands and general mischief, I got home, changed, freshened up, and headed out for dinner right down the street.  I wanted to stay in, cook a healthy meal, and be a total couch potato, but it's hard to turn friends dining 3 minutes walking distance down your street.  And a place I haven't been to boot.

It was a feast.  $120 (that's like $15 USD) for all you can eat and drink including beers!

You can imagine, I was feeling super gross afterwards.  Our cuisine style of the evening was hot pot, or Chinese fondue.  No cheese involved though.  Sad.  We chose a spicy and non spicy broth, and pretty much everything you could ever want to throw in there.  I filled up on lots of leafy veggies and lots of tofu, some fish and fishballs and other cantonese goodness.  And beer of course.  There was also plenty of meat, even ostrich, and at some point chicken testicles ended up at our table!  We screamed and laughed and then asked them to take it away.  Our ordering started off really slow and then we just kept on ordering and before we knew it we were uncomfortably full will still too much left on the table.  I felt bad.

What is wrong with these fish??  Supposedly they start off shaped like normal fish and slowly flatten out. 

After drinks we decided to scope out the billiards place that is actually downstairs in my building.  Pretty pathetic that I've never been there before!  Ok I've tried to go in there once, but the escalators were shut down and I gave up.  Well, it's a good sized billiards place if you're into that thing, but that's all they got.  I don't remember seeing darts or video games or...  beer?  We brought some in and no one cared.  Oh also, you're not supposed to smoke, but that doesn't stop anyone.

I think it's possible to play pool, but these are snooker tables.  Much bigger.  I can't even tell you what the rules are.  We played in two teams for an hour (and by we I mean I watched my friends while sipping my San Mig) and after an hour the score was still 0-0.  It was possibly less than zero since people kept gaining points and then scratching, resulting in negative points.  A depressing experience indeed!

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