Tuesday, March 15, 2011

L's Hens Night

How much champagne can be consumed in 12 hours?  That's me and the bride to be at Insomnia.

A full day of birthday celebrations (see previous post) was followed up by a full night of bachelorette celebrations! Yes, I had A LOT of champagne that day. I love it!

The girls had enjoyed a nice dinner and salsa dancing, and I caught up with them just as they were ready to take their dancing to the streets!  We hit up another club that was a bust, but found ourselves at good ol Insomnia for drinks and dancing.

I haven't seen these gals in FOREVER so it was great spending some quality crazy time together.  We were situated near a table hosted by an older dude who kept the bottles of champagne and shots coming!

Wedding season is approaching in full force. This is just the beginning.

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