Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Vision in Pink: Marie's Bridal Shower

I arrived home just in time from Phoenix and Huntington Beach to throw myself in the shower and get ready for Marie's Bridal shower. I was carpooling with Caitlin since the even was in Torrance, and it was probably best that the Hollywood girls make the trek together. I thought I would be late meeting Caitlin, but it turned out I was making good time. Until I was halfway to Santa Monica and realized I had forgot the gift at my apartment. For a quick second I thought about pushing forward since I could give the gift to Marie next time. But, the thought of not having a gift at a SHOWER got to me and I quickly turned around. Everything was great after that.

The theme was PINK and we all had to dress accordingly. This is Marie opening some of her gifts. No bride should be without The Muppets take Manhattan.

Or a Spongebob blanket. They got his and hers.

It was a sea of presents. Big presents. Heavy presents. Presents with doublesided wrapping paper. The girl had it all.

Modeling the latest in loungewear.

I could only get her present from one place. Panty Raid.

That's haute.


Maid of Honor Robin did a fantastic job with the ribbon bouquet.

Everyone wants a piece of Marie.

Eamonn made a special appearance towards the end of the day.

Bride and Mother of the Bride.

Marie and I posing with the train display.

There is also a video of Marie opening my gift, but it's being cranky and not uploading so when I straighten that nonsense out I'll share with you too.


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