Thursday, January 19, 2006

Tag, I'm it!

I got this from Kelvis the other day:

TAG - you're it. I am tagging you to participate in a meme. The first player of this game starts with the topic five weird habits of yourself, and people who get tagged need to write an entry about their five weird habits as well as state this rule clearly. In the end, you need to choose the next five people to be tagged and link to their web journals. Don't forget to leave a comment in their blog or journal that says You have been tagged (assuming they take comments) and tell them to read yours.

So, I'm it. Here's my 5 weird habits. (I'll spare you the ones that take place in the bathroom or bedroom)

1. I sit Indian style. It's most comfortable for me. At work, at the computer, it doesn't matter. This is why I prefer work chairs without arms. If I can't sit Indian style I sit with one leg bent underneath me. The only way I'm not sitting Indian style is when I sit on the exercise ball. I've tried, but it doesn't really work.

2. I'm what some people have called methodical, some people call it ritualistic. I guess it's what you could call "OCD lite." For example, when I get a soda from a can, I wipe the mouth, tap the top twice with my nails, and open it. I also have a very specific way of rubbing my eyes, with three short strokes and one big one. Repeat.

3. Welcome to the sanitary-um. Growing up in a hospital and with a nurse as your mom, I'm hyper sanitary. I have anti-bacterial gel at my desk. I don't touch things like door handles, elevator buttons, railings. I don't put purses or backpacks or suitcases on my bed. Chances are they've been on the ground, in bathrooms and elsewhere, and they ain't goin on the bed. I've seen people put their shoes on the bed and have gotten woozy. I also pull the bedspread off in hotel rooms since they are not necessarily washed daily. I also have different sponges or cleaning tools for each area of the house so they don't cross contaminate. One for the dishes. One for the kitchen sink. One for the bathroom sink. One for the tub, etc, etc. Those lysol wipes save my life. I could go on, but know that my mom is still worse than me.

4. I have to set multiple alarms in the morning. It's really difficult to wake me up so I need as much help as possible. I'm also afraid that something may happen to one alarm (like a power outtage, or it set for PM instead of AM) so I have to have a back up. At one time I set my clock, phone, tv, and coffee maker. I'm also a big snooze button hitter, so I have to move the clock across the room from me so I get up to turn it off. When it was next to my bed I just aimlessly hit it, and sometimes would hit the off button instead of the snooze without knowing the alarm went off. (BTW, if you didn't know, I AM waking up early again. This lady just started a new job)

5. I always carry my camera. Everyone knows this. I have carried a camera almost every day since 4th grade. You never know when you'll need it. I've snapped photos of Julia Roberts at Gelsons, Teri Hatcher on NYE. Strange moments at work like the 4:00 dance break (I miss that!!!!) and moments in rehearsal when everyone busts out their camera. But you might not know that I pull over for a great sunset, or if the sky is pretty, or snap a funny license plate, or something that reminds me of a friend. So, that's why I needed this blog. It let's me do something with my millions of photos.

And an extra weird habit for fun: I dance and it makes me happy. I dance in my seat when a good meal is in front of me. I dance when I clean. I dance as I sit in traffic in the car. I guess I'm wiggly like that.

So, who are my victims?? I'm tagging
Brian, Meredith, Jay, Anthony, and Dave.

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