Tuesday, January 10, 2006

NYE to 2006!

After much deliberation (and I mean MUCH. Lettie and I have a hard enough time deciding on what's for lunch) we selected a venue for our New Years Eve. There was a lot to consider. First, we wanted to go somplace fun but not crazy, as we get cranky if it's too crowded and we can't get service. Second, it was raining. Third, it had to be centrally located so neither of us were driving too far with the crazies on the road. Also, we didn't want to fork out money for cover or worry about parking.

When we entered St. Nick's Pub, there were 10 people inside. There was a weird vibe, but it was still a little early so we had time to venture someplace else if need be. I had a rather good burger and fries as my last meal of 2005, and it was super cheap too. By the time I had finished eating, and by the time that annoying guy Adam was done bothering us more people had appeared.

Us at midnight.

Since we had gotten there early, we were able to snag a prime booth. And we had many visitors. The first guy was so annoying and everyone else in the bar could tell by our body language that we wanted nothing to do with him. We didn't even look at him when he spoke because he had bad breath.

So, when he finally left some other guy approached us and said he wanted to intervene pretending he was a long lost friend. We got a good laugh out of that one.

Some guy plopped a festive hat on my head.

Another friendly visitor.

And Lettie posing with his hand.

I don't know what it is about Lettie and I at the bar, but we never fail to attract the most interesting specimens, even when we are being inconspicuous. Our count was 11 gentlemen callers, one who was annoying and didn't leave us alone. The rest were funny an nice and made their exit move while it was still comfortable.

We decided that we would have to stop hanging out together to avoid the uncomfortable situations, but then realized that wouldn't fly. So we then decided our resolution would be to not talk to people that we didn't want to talk to at the bar scene, and to basically stop being so nice.

We were able to avoid a potentially dangerous scene. Here is another acquaintence Raj, next to a former associate of ours who we refer to as "your friend with the hair."

I got home and spoke to Brian on the phone and took my webcam out for a test drive. Here's a picture of me taking a picture of a picture.


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-Dave said...

Hey Jag
WIERD...this is bizarre! On New Year's it has become tradition that I and my siblings and any other "nar do well" friends usually drink the night away at my sister's place.

How does this relate to your "new Year's" you ask...read on.

On New Year's eve,I got a
call on my cell around 10:45pm that night. I was sitting comfortably at my sister's.

Here is the conversation as best I remember it. Starting with me saying...

"Are you joining us tonight?"
"Where are you?"
"at Monica and Kirk's"

(my sister and fiance's place)

"Get down Here!"
"Wait...who is this?"
"Paul!.... Where are you?"
"Yea!...can you hear me? Are you going to be here?"
"who's this?"
"Paul!...who's this?"
"Dave?...(laughing) wrong number sorry."

hang up.

Was this Paul at the same "St. Nick's" you where at?

wierd huh?