Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving, the Final Chapter

I'm getting caught up here folks.  May I present my Thanksgiving creations!

I wanted to really really keep it real.  Both my Thanksgiving dinners with both my Hong Kong families were going to be multi-national (yet mostly American) and I wanted to properly represent.  I went with green bean casserole for the dinner shift, and pumpkin pie cheesecake.  Mmmm.

I've made both before, but went with new recipes.  Turns out they were both a HUGE hit!  Maybe I should continue my cooking streak.  The Chapati Man said my cheesecake looked like daal, but it still tasted yummy.  I'd like to refine that recipe and work on the texture.

The dinner shift at Joblio's.  He made the turkey and it was divine!  I'm still thinking about the stuffing.  Ohhhh stuffing!  At the table are Americans, Singaporeans, Brits, an Aussie, and a Bahraini.  This is how the pilgrims and indians wanted it!  With canned cranberry sauce of course.

Deliciousness after the jump.

You thought I was joking?  Don't worry, we had real deal cranberry sauce too but I require both at my Thanksgiving table.

Turkey, stuffing (and a veg version too), mashed potatoes, veggie lasagne, more veggies, rolls, green bean casserole, wine...

I'm starved for stuffing!

Thankful for French fried onions!

Thankful for our great hosts.

Thanksgiving IN MY FACE!
Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the dessert shift in Tin Hau, but it's probably better that way since we tend to get a little creepy over there.  Dessert was great, then we hung out on the roof for a little bit, and wound down the evening with a family viewing of Ghostbusters!

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