Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dirty 30 Beach Birthday

From the Plastic Beach to Shek O Beach, Jag Week was in full force!
I wanted three things: 1) home made lumpia, 2) a pinata 3) lots of love.

My big bro made # 1 for me, as you can see from the picture.  It was a big, big hit.  #3 is easy, when you have amazing people in your life like I do.  You guys rock my socks off.

Yeah, we never waste an opportunity to wear our jerseys.  JUNK SHOT!

but wait, there's more!

If I had my way, my big 3-0 would have been celebrated at home, with lots of home made goodness.  Since I have had at most 3 others in my apartment at once, we couldn't work it out there.  It was big bro's idea to combine efforts and have a beach party.  I asked people to bring food or something to bbq, and this turned out great.  Party Foul brought "pigs in a blanket" (not really, they were bacon wrapped sausages, but good nonetheless!)

We spent the bulk of the day stuffing our faces.  Mr. Creepy brought some really tasty pastries.  I'll have to look up the place, since baked goods here can be kinda lame.

The three amigos!
Digging into the s'more brownies I made.  They were a hit!

Beating up big bro...

Sometimes we have wacky ideas.

Barbecuing fools.  There was a lot of meat.

Daven made lamb burgers.  Super delish.

Me n Joblio.  AND the PINATA!

I'm not entirely sure what's happening here.

Time to break open the pinata!  The person at bat was required to wear a balinese mask.

Mr Creepy being creepy with the kids at the beach.

When we finally broke open the pinata, the kids stole all the candy!

Mah friends

Awesome card made by big bro and his FIANCE!  Yes, it's true, they got engaged only days before.

What a wonderful day to spend on the beach in December.  It only gets better right?

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