Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bo Lo Bao: The Wild Pineapple Bun of Sai Kung

After the jaunt on Sharp Island, our next stop was Sai Kung Cafe and Bakery, famous for it's bo lo bao or pineapple bun.

Yes, there's more!

People will line up for this legendary pineapple bun which is neither pineapple nor bun...  discuss!

It's true, this carbo-treat is not made with pineapple, but named so because of it's appearance.  The top is buttery and sugary and crunchy, and the bottom is more bread like.  And so good when it's served fresh and hot!

Pineapple buns can also be found in the wild...  in the form of rocks.  But we didn't take the time to look for those.  We just wanted to eat them.

And on to other Hong Kong gastronomic lore... we came across this beauty on the way home. It's a Pizza Hut ad for their new specialty pizza. I don't understand why international Pizza Huts have to ruin such a simple and delicious thing.

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