Monday, December 27, 2010

Boxing Day (observed) Explorations: Sharp Island and an Abandoned Amusement Park

A day exploring new territory.
And all wearing vibrams! The only shoe for the job.

Boating, hiking, bushwacking and trespassing after the jump.

The best days are the ones away away from the office!  Today was Boxing Day observed and we spent the day in new territory.  All it took was a ride up the MTR, a mini bus, and a quick boat ride to Sharp island.

There it is, Sharp island.  First on the agenda was crossing the tombolo before the tide got too high.  This linked Sharp island to Kiu Tau

We came, we saw, we conquered!

The vibrams earned their keep today!

We were able to cut through the sandy, rocky, watery tombolo quicky while everyone else struggled.  Hiking on the soft dirt, climbing over rocks, and walking on the beach was so easy in our monkey shoes.

The water out there was so gorgeous.  Even though it was pretty chilly out the water wasn't cold, and it was nice not having to think twice about footwear or getting our socks wet.

There's the two islands, connected by the tombolo.

Crossing back towards Sharp Island.

After a bit of wandering and bushwacking, we found an abandoned amusement park.  We were hoping to find something totally creepy, but it was just really bizarre.  What was this place??

I can't remember the last time I felt the crunch of leaves underneath my feet.

Back to bizarre, what the heck is that?

Metal tumbleweeds.

Heading back to civilization and one last look at the two islands connected by a little sandbar.  This was a beautiful little corner of the world, and I'd like to further explore it again soon.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

The abandoned amusement park you guys found was actually a big project in the 80s' by a tycoon in HK called Yip Chi Ming and the place is called "Pak Hoi Yue Chun". The whole project went sour when people all fled to China to spend their weekend holidays in the 90s'