Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meet the Big Guy

While in Manila and after the ING 20 race, I finally got to meet my other Caleb godson!  He's so cute and loves to dance...  just like me!  Here he is wearing an early Christmas present that I brought from the Hongk.   He's so snuggly in his Chinese pjs!

More family goodness after the jump.

After the race and after a nap, we made a quick field trip to the Salcedo Market. It was a great place to find lunch and all that your tummy could ask for! We picked up everything from lasagne to bbq skewers to dim sum with a japanese twist. And some beer of course. This was a celebration!

I was fortunate enough to stay at a very roomy serviced apartment, which was still cheaper than a hotel anyway. We spent all of Saturday sitting around spending quality time with the Big Guy. Here he is with Grammy (my Grammy) and the Arias branch of the family.

Hopefully I can see the cutie poo again for his 1st birthday!

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