Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekending in Guangzhou

Finally, something not boring Tarahumara training related!  2011 is full of weddings, including the union of J & T.  A few of us headed up to Guangzhou, China for the weekend to procure some wedding wear.

The best man and my co-groomsgirl.  We took a train from HK to GZ and giggled the whole way there.  I don't understand why there's gotta be drama and bridezilla-ness.  Wedding planning is FUN!

We arrived in GZ, dropped our bags at the hotel and went exploring.  The wedding district was just over the river from where we were staying.

I had no expectations upon arrival. Even on our way up, we questioned why we were going. But when you roll out with a good crew, the details don't really matter. This wedding district had a lot to offer. The full range. But remember, this is China. You're not going to find Marchesa here.  Perhaps instead you'll find other people's laundry.

Really, they have everything you could possibly imagine.  Who wears this??

I don't know...

Oh yeah, it gets better.  Keep going!

Carrie Bradshaw's stylist would have a field day here!

And if you wanted to look somewhat sane, they can offer that too.  In the color of your choosing.

Then we needed a lunch break.  I don't know what it is but shopping makes me soooo hungry and tired.  Forget 10 laps around Happy Valley, this is a real challenge!  All I know is, I love tofu.

And some sizzling beef for the carnivorous types. 

Back to shopping.  There was just so much to see!

Including backless shoes for men.  Brilliant!

There are no words.  Just look closely.

We were obviously having way too much fun.

We finally found a place that would custom tailor our Mad Men inspired groomsgirl dresses.  The issue was 1) we wanted the fabric to match the guy's suits 2) we were missing one groomsman so couldn't get them tailored there 3) the boys would need to go back for a few fittings, which is not so convenient since we live a few hours away, travel visas required all that. 

We decided to buy the fabric, have the groomsgirls dresses made in GZ, the suits in HK. So we headed to the insanely ginormous and chaotic fabric market.

This was inside the taxi.  Read it carefully.

Did you read it carefully?  Only ladies and children are allowed to be seated in the front. 

Our lives are like Amazing Race.

I somehow managed to get a peaceful photo.  What you don't see is the maze of rows of fabric, and the bikes, scooters, and trucks, squeezing through, overloaded with bolts of fabric.

We were pretty decisive with the fabric, which is good because we were approaching closing time.  We opted for a "Diesel gray" with a blue-ish green lining for the girls, and a pinstripe for the boys.

We were so accomplished!  Finally, back to the hotel, and a nice view from our room.

Coffee and snacks at the hotel, followed by the obligatory China cheap dodgey massagey.  We got body massages which was just ok, and us groomsgirls stuck around for a shoulder and foot massage (in the end it's pretty much your whole body) and it was AMAZING!  If it wasn't the best massage I've had in HK or China, it was def top 3.  The 9 laps I did the day before were erased from my system.  I'll tell myself it's all apart of training.

Mmmm dim sum for breakfast!

Once again, no words.  Take a real good look.  

I swear, there was enough normal stuff too.  Ting did find her dreamy dress and dresses for all the bridesmaids.  You'd be astounded at the prices. 

Not gonna lie, I was coveting a dress that looked like a tutu.  I was prepared to buy something ridiculous for fun, but we ran out of time.

Chinglish is #1
A hole in the wall shop for custom suits and dresses.

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The last 4 pics were all taken at the tailor's. I'm not entirely sure what this all means, and it doesn't matter as long as we get rockin dresses! They'll be ready in a couple weeks. Can't wait!

The groomsgirls headed home on our own, scheming the bachelor party and once again giggling the entire way on the train.

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