Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hong Kong Trail Stages 7 & 8

I wish my iphoto wasn't being cranky and holding my other pictures from the weekend hostage.  Then I could add some interesting, non-training related pictures and posts!  Sorry, you'll have to suffer through more happy trails.

Last month, me, Creepster and Joebro scouted HK Trail stages 5 & 6 for the Green Power race.  So this time me and Joebro returned to complete stages 7 & 8.

Keep going, there's more!
The Hong Kong trail stages 5 & 6 have two big hills but the distance is not too far.  Stages 7 & 8 only have one big incline, but the total distance is about 16k.  I'm glad I got the chance to practice stages 7 & 8 on very tired legs.  They were still semi-dead after a 16k run around Happy Valley a couple days earlier, and a trail run a couple days before that.

Stage 7 or whatever's before Dragon's Back is pretty boring and flat.  We decided to run a bit of this boring stretch, but Joebro's gear wasn't cooperating.  It was fine.  Me running is equivalent to his walking.  Being short is a lot of work!

We hid in some bushes to hide from the wind and have half our our sandwiches.  A quick refuel and found ourselves finally on Dragon's Back.

It's silly, I've only done Dragon's Back once, at night! 

It was really really windy up there.  I'm glad I brought layers and sunglasses.

And finally, the end of the Hong Kong trail!

This is a nice hike when it's warmer.  It ends at the beach and you can roll yourself right into the water.  On a cold, windy, January day, I just took in the scenery and enjoyed my juice. 

Sand sculpture made by a cute family not phased by the cold.  I've never made a big sculpture like this.  Add it to the list.

The surfers in Big Wave Bay also not phased by the cold.  Loads of them out there.  I love Hong Kong!

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