Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Tourist

Rated: Entertaining
It was a perfect weeknight evening.  Sushi for dinner.  A movie.  And a couple drinks to wind down the night.

Who is Kaiser Soze?  Who is Alexander Pierce?  There's more if you dare...

This is not the best picture of the year.  It didn't change my life or rock my world.  But I wasn't expecting any of that anyway.  The Tourist is a nice mix of everything, a few laughs, some mystery, bloodshed, nice location, nice eye candy.  Entertaining and interesting enough without excessive stunts or sex.  I know that draws in the crowds, but for this it wasn't necessary.

Favorite Parts
Angelina Jolie.  All her parts.  She's ridiculous!  I spent some time trying to figure out if I could do my hair like that.  Volume.  I need volume.  And her pumps were divine.  The British accent kind of irked me, but I've come across greater offenses.

Johnny Depp speaking Spanish in Italy.  He says "gracias" in a hotel.  Prob my favorite part of the movie.  Which leads me to... 

Making fun of Americans.  This movie does it in a couple of places through J Depp's character.  It's true.  We're silly and should be mocked.  But we're still #1.

Paul Bettany.  Sometimes those supporting characters are more fun.  Like John Cusack in Con Air.

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