Monday, January 03, 2011

NYE 20-1-1

Happy New Year!

Don't worry, there's more...

Because New Year's fell on a Saturday, here in HK we didn't get Friday off.  Boo.  But because it was a holiday for most everyone else, the work day was very breezy.  I went to our old favorite Din Tai Fung with the loverrrrs, spoke of hikes, swapped some music, and wrapped up the day at a reasonable hour.

We had a casual dinner at Rups' place and filled our bellies with giant pizzas!  Mmmm.  And had a little too much fun entertaining ourselves with youtube.  2010 nearly gone, we don't have flying cars, but dammit, we got youtube!

Assuming that traffic was going to be a pain, we opted for the MTR to take us to our party destination.  Lookout, party train coming through!  Choo choo!  We were playing with our noisemakers and everyone on the train thought we were nuts.  Silly Hongkies!

Upon arrival to friends' rooftop in Causeway Bay...  first thing's first, champagne time!

J&J hosted the NYE party on their rooftop, and it was a great spot to ring in the new year.  Down below over there is Times Square.  No, not that Times Square.  We could also see IFC and a corner of the fireworks.  
Good bye 2010!

I got a rolie on my arm and I'm pouring Chandon!

The perfect place to run into so many friends, even ones you didn't expect!

Our gracious host passed out bottles of champagne to be popped at midnight.  The countdown begins!

There's a blurry picture of IFC exploding with fireworks at midnight.  Hopefully my video came out better.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Bottle of Moet for 2011?  Aww yeah!

This was the first time I celebrated New Years in Hongkie with friends.  I don't really have any resolutions or expectations for 20-1-1.  Making it up as I go along seems to work in my favor.  Besides, the best things that come my way I would have never ever anticipated, so why bother guessing.

20-1-1, let's be good to each other.  Hold my hand.  Here we go.

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