Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Valley Friday Nite Run

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14.11 K / 10 laps
Nearly 10 miles in 10 degrees *c!

And so it begins, Friday night at the racetrack.

Several of us are training for some big events in the next few months, including the Vibram 100, Green Power Hike, and the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon.  So now we're getting into the habit of training once a week in Happy Valley. 

Yeah, there's a racetrack there, but it's for horses and not for people!  Horse racing is a big f'ing deal here.  And lots of money is tied into it.  Lucky for us, the infield is available for lots of sporty stuff.  Soccer, rugby, and running too.  Lots of people use the horse racing emergency car lane for running, not on race day of course. 

Since it's not a real deal race track, the distance is kinda odd.  One lap is 1.3something kilometers, so it's a little shy of a mile.  A couple friends couldn't join because of injuries, so I would get started (like an hour and a half later than originally planned) and Max Power would join up later.

According to the temperature reading on the track, it was 10 degrees *c, and the first two laps were rough and cold.  It always takes me like 3k to warm up anyway, and once I did, I felt fantastic.  Laps just flew by and I lost count.  I wasn't cold.  I was focused on keeping my Chi Running posture and I like to think it's working.  The goal for this evening's long run was 16k or 11 laps.  At some point I stopped to stretch and wait for Max Power to appear.  He was sticking to walking, so I walked a few laps with him.  But really, it was too cold to walk.  I ran two more laps, and ditched my last one to have dinner with my friend.

The temperature's dropping some more this week.  Chilly runs in the city!

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