Monday, February 04, 2008

Superbowl Monday is Not Quite the Same

What the SuperBowl looks like in HK
Many of you were around for Superbowl last year at The Port, which was arguably the best superbowl ever. When you combine pals from elementary school, high school, and work with drinks and fried food, it's surely a good time. It was an entire day of fun in a divey bar in Valley Village.

Superbowl Party in LKF
Hauling it to a Superbowl party at 6:30 Monday morning does not have the same appeal. Superbowl parties here are hard to come by since it's "American Football" and not "Football." I was graciously invited to a private party in LKF, complete with a nice breakfast spread and drinks. Free free free. Sadly, work immediately followed so I stuck to coffee. What a waste.

Also sadly, the international broadcast did not come with the brilliant commercials. We had to watch cheerleaders instead.

I'd rather have commercials...
Their faces have been obscured for their protection. I hear they are actually escorts.

Jocelyn, Alexis, Me
God bless the Giants for coming through with the spoiler. Jocelyn, Alexis and Me are very happy campers. It feels good to do something American!

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