Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! It's the year of the rat!

What a special holiday it was in (almost) China. It was pretty exciting as all these beautiful red lanterns and decorations appeared everywhere, as well as tons and tons and tons of orange trees. Because my street is lined with flower shops, right before CNY, the sidewalks were full of little orange trees. I woke up on Thursday to take pictures of them from my window, but they were gone. Everything was gone. Everyone was gone. Stores were closed. I stepped out to get breakfast and it was like that scene from Vanilla Sky in Times Square. It was eerie how dead it was, but then again really nice!

CNY is all about family, so people stay at home or go to visit relatives and most expats go out of town. So it was dead. The few of us that remained went to Daven's party, complete with two turnables and a tandoor.

Chef Daven

I got two turntables and a microphone

And then we hit the Fong for some Absynthe... I didn't even know the Green Fairy made an appearance here... and then there was this whole debacle getting into Cavern, so we left faster than we got in, and we tried going somewhere else but they thought we weren't cool enough, and Alexis and I ran up to Dragon-I which to our shock was closed, and then for the remainder of the evening and a better part of the morning we shook our tailfeathers at Homebase, which we now endearingly call Homeboys.

Now, there's no replacing "Muscle Relaxer Girl" who was once infamous in Silver Lake, but this guy... I love this guy. It's pretty special to fall asleep at the foot of a stripper pole. Please meet Big Baby Buddha.

Big Baby Buddha

And that concludes day one of CNY.

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