Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A PAC-10 Tribute

I had a late invitation to dinner on Saturday. We went to Tribute. It didn't occur to us until later in the meal that except for one, we were all PAC-10.


Starting with me and going clockwise:
The Wildcat/Arizona, and reached the 2 month mark in Hong Kong.

Stanford Steve, from NorCal and currently residing in London.

Jocelyn from Cornell. Whatever, we can't all be perfect ;) Been in HK for a couple of years and is moving to London

Alexis the Trojan, originally from Connecticut and moved here a couple months before me.

Beth-Washington, from Seattle but born in Van Nuys. (That's just a little too close to home) has been here a couple years.

Julie UCLA and from the greater Los Angeles area.

Kaleb UCLA, last resided in Manhattan Beach before moving to London.

How this happened I'm not really sure, but I think it's pretty cool. And a few pics of part of my meal. I missed the bufala mozzerella.
Some out of focus scallops
Some out of focus scallops and really tasty cruncy salty seaweed.

Red mullet. Hahaha.

Mmmm pasta.

Veal. The lamb was very good too.

Panna cotta. Aww yeah.

Now if only I could get some decent food at work!

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