Thursday, February 14, 2008

CNY Day 2: Always Running to the Fireworks

Ever watch fireworks from the mall?
Chinese New Year is so special that it requires 3 days as a public holiday. It's too bad CNY this year fell on a Thursday and I only really got 2 days off of work. CNY is serious though. When people close down, everything is closed down. Some of my vendors are completely unreachable for two weeks or more.

Anyway. CNY. Day 2. Fireworks.

I am always.... ALWAYS... scrambing to see fireworks. One year Pepper and I were stuck in Venice traffic on 4th of July. Another 4th, actually the 3rd, Chris and I were doing circles around Columbus watching the fireworks from the loopy freeway. And last year Turnip and I were running through our hotel to get up to the roof to see the fireworks.

My friend Daven works on the 42nd floor of IFC 2, which is the 5th tallest building in the world with a view of the harbor. We ran up to the office to see the fireworks and it was a pretty long show. The end was pretty spectacular.

It was cool, but then, you are still reminded that you are in a B of A office.

Ever watch fireworks from Bank of America?

A ride in the lift.

Then we were really klassy and brought a bottle of champagne to the bar, and the servers didn't care. It was only hours later when the manager saw the bottle that it was confiscated.

Jaeger is my best idea all year.

Then there was a little bit of bar hopping and then we ended up at Evisu for JAAEEEGGERR! It was my best idea all year.

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