Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pepper's Here!!

Victoria Harbor
Pepper scheduled his R&R around his 30th birthday. Magically, it worked out that he could come here and he made pretty good time. He was set to leave Iraq Feb 13, but since he had to catch a flight from there to Kuwait to Germany to here, we weren't sure exactly when he'd arrive.

Fortunately, he was able to fly out from Qatar and avoided Germany and arrived here Feb 15 in the afternoon. I didn't get the email until a few hours before, so I showed up to the airport hungover with no makeup, but really excited. He barely missed VD, but at least he was here for his bday.

Junk Boat
After work, we hauled it to TST to catch the Symphony of Lights, but we missed the show. So we took a few pictures and went to Knutsford Terrace for a sub-par Spanish meal. The tapas were ok, but the paella was pretty yucky.

Night Market
Then, since I never hang out in Kowloon, we went to the Temple Street night market.

Lucky Money TP
Then we stopped at a locals bar to use the bathroom, and that's where I found some Lucky Money TP. I should have taken a roll.

Pepper's first night in HK, Night Market - Kowloon
We were both pretty beat, so there was no stop at LKF, but already, Pepper is causing a stir with the Hongkies.

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