Thursday, February 21, 2008

Celebrating the End of 20s at Ocean Park

HongKong2007-8 206
On Sunday, Pepper and I went to Ocean Park. It was his last day as a 20-something and pretty appropriate that we spent the day hopping around a theme park. Everyone says it's better than Hong Kong Disneyland, because there aren't that many attractions at Disney, and Ocean Park is like a Sea World with rides.

Ocean Park
It's pretty too because rides are built into the side of the mountain with great views of the ocean.

I wanted it to say Pimphouse.
After the log ride. I wanted it to say Pimphouse.

Bjork's kid sis.
Bjork's kid sis. I had the opportunity, so I took the picture.

It was a perfect day to be out and about because it wasn't as cold as it has been, and the sun came out a few times. It was great because there were virtually no lines and everything was still decorated for Chinese New Year.

Brian went on it.  I have Vertigo.
I was brave and went on the two roller coasters and all that, but I couldn't take chances with things that go in circles or bounce and things like that cause of my Vertigo. I let Brian take this one by himself.

HongKong2007-8 186
I think this one was the mine ride.

Ocean Park/Aberdeen
With a view of Aberdeen.

The sealife was pretty cool too.

HongKong2007-8 198


HongKong2007-8 221
Oooh.  Aaahh.

HongKong2007-8 233

HongKong2007-8 235

HongKong2007-8 237

For reallys??
This is like a two for one. Matching outfits AND she's wearing a scrunchie!!

The Scariest F'ing thing, ever.
Two rounds on the big roller coaster did not prepare me for the scariest thing I've ever done.


A better picture of the cable cars scaling up and down the mountain is probably available on Pepper's camera or my big camera. It was really really really scary.

We were so scared
We're laughing at the face of death.

What is it about going to a theme park that makes you crave churros? Well, Ocean Park did not disappoint.

We wanted Churros.  They didn't disappoint..

Child Chinese Acrobats
Some child Chinese acrobats. If you enlarge the picture, you can kinda see the cable cars in the distance.

Dragon Lady Dance
A dragon lady dance.

More pics from the other cameras to come!

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Kelvis said...

Oh what fun!

Do they actually call them churros there?

Mmm churros. Now I want a churro.