Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Best Week Ever

I have to take a few steps back. I am getting caught up on cleaning, unpacking, laundry, reading, friends, and now blogging.

I arrived home last Saturday and I was so so happy to be home and see my dog. I really do like being away from home, I love traveling and going to new places, but so many things were waiting for me at home! (Like bills, US Weeklies, and wedding invitations)

Sunday was a big day of wine tasting with Julie, Lorelei, and Tim. We did a Sideways trip and explored Santa Ynez which is above Santa Barbara. The drive was over two hours to get there, and we wasted no time on the sampling. We started at Gainey Vineyard which was not bad.



We then moved onto Bridalwood, which was excellent. We even bought a bottle of Rose to take with us to lunch.


We lunched in Los Olivos and had fantastic sandwiches.


After we had food in our bellies, we walked around for a bit and stopped in a tasting room. From there we proceeded to Sunstone which was recommended to us by the kind man at Epiphany Cellars.

Sunstone Winery




Sunstone had both fantastic and awful wines. And I'm not too picky about wine. We started with the whites, and the four of us agreed that they smelled awful. Really bad. We confronted some of the staff and they did not offer any kind of information that explained this pungent odor. We then moved on to the reds which were great.

Towards the end of the wine tasting our sweet tooths were calling, and we decided to go to Solvang for a snack. In theory it was a great idea, and Solvang is a cute place to shop and pick up raspberry jam... however, on a hot day with lots of wine and then ice cream in the belly... let's just say it didn't quite mix so well. By the time we all got in the car we were beat and couldn't even pull it together to stop in Santa Barbara. It didn't really matter because it was a beautiful day.

Snow Patrol at the Greek

Back to work. Pretty uneventful until I was on my way home and got a last minute invitation to see Snow Patrol VIP style. Lorelei was invited by the bassist of the band, and along we Shannon and I, we dolled ourselves up and ran to the Greek Theatre. Really. There was running involved. The show was actually really good and fun, and afterwards we headed to the courtesy room where we would ogle at Shirley Manson, Tommy Lee, Josh Kelly, Katherine Heigl, and T.R. Knight. Shirley Manson looked great, Tommy Lee was surrounded by a young female entourage, Josh Kelly is cuter in person, Katherine Heigl is tall and skinny and wonderful, and T.R. Knight is wee and I could put him in my pocket. There was a lot going on, some good, some drama, and we had to walk away with no pictures to sell to TMZ.

Paid a visit to Gillian who just moved back to SoCal from Vegas. Pulled into Huntington Beach and was a little creeped out that the homes looked the same, there was plenty of parking, and kids were playing in the yards. Yeah, I was scared, but it's perfect for Gill. It's totally her speed and she's a mile from the beach. Briefly saw Brayton, met the cat, toured the apartment, talked wedding stuff, lunched, and spent all kinds of money at South Coast Plaza. I'm so glad she's back.

The spending did not end Tuesday. Turnip and I did some damage at H&M in Pasadena. And Urban. We were so traumatized by our spending that we had to make a Pinkberry run.

Back to work. And really did work.

Christian came to visit for a long weekend. We dined with his host Justin at my favorite breakfast spot, and bumped into Sandra Oh on our walk home. That's 3 Grey's cast members in a week! It's only a matter of time before I meet Patrick Dempsey. He will be mine. Oh yes, he will be mine.

Worked worked worked. Only because it was my last day at W/G.

To answer your questions, W/G has little going on so I don't know that I'll ever be back. Perhaps someday, perhaps. So many people that I consider family I met at W/G. It's sad to leave it, and sad to leave it with strangers.

No, I am not looking for work. No, I am not scared. I am going to enjoy the summer and be a normal person for once and not a nomad, and try an earn a paycheck by fall.

Friday night deserves its own entry.


Dave Lowe said...

That was a full few days. I took the garbage out last Wed. and it pretty much exhausted me for the week

JAG said...

Today I went to the orthodontist, post office, then gym. I consider myself very productive and yet I have no food in the kitchen.