Thursday, August 02, 2007

Follow Up: Best Weekend Ever

Ok ok ok. I have a lot of those. But this one was pretty good.

Starting the evening off right

As I mentioned, Christian was in town for a long weekend and had 3 big celeb sightings! I was fortunate enough to encounter Sandra Oh and Colin Farrell with Christian, and while soaking in some stand-up he also came across Dane Cook. I'm not sure what kind of juju Christian mixes in, but he's one lucky visitor. Last time all we got was good parking karma.

Yep. Colin Farrell at Ralphs. I'll let you take a time out to think about that.

Friday was my last day at work and Lorelei's turn to throw a big bash of the summer. There were lots of people there and the party was still raging into the wee hours.

Corbin and Shannon

Jason, Lorelei, Corbin

There's something funny about this picture

Lorelei and Turnip

We're planning another dinner in Paris

We are suckers for expletives on shirts

Hey Girl!

Jeffrey and Hazel

It was going on so late in fact that I was ready for 4th meal. Good ol Christian took the liberty of blowing out the candles and turning off lights so people would move towards the door. It worked. A handful of us jogged over to Astro diner for some grub. I don't know why I was the only one who ended up with a Monte Cristo.

The only reason I woke up at a decent hour on Saturday is because of the heat. I picked up Christian and we did the traditional shopping spree at the Hustler store. I picked up some gifts for a certain someone having a bridal shower. I will leave it at that for now.

Saturday night was Justin's belated birthday dinner in WeHo with a handful of friends. It was so so so nice, being outside, sipping sangria, being in the company of cool people I barely know except for the birthday boy, the visitor, and my date my life partner Marie.

Life partner and I then proceeded to the Shermy for Sarah's birthday party. I think I say it every year but CHRIST I adore a lot of leos. I have no more room in my life for one more.

We go way back

This is decades of friendship right here folks.

Nearly 22 years as the hottest BFFs

Anyway, at Sarah's there was catching up with old friends, a little dancing, a lot of drinking, and some fantastic cake.

Wildcats in WeHo
Brunch was with my Wildcat Alum bros in WeHo. Dinner was with Sarah, her family and her beau.

To conclude the weekend, we knit and got lit. Lorelei finished her rasta hat!

Rasta Hat!

It's dark, but Mr. Rasta man is looking over Lorelei.

A few more pictures can be found here!

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