Monday, July 09, 2007

I Died in Arkansas. Don't Tell Anyone.

What 21 hours of work looks like
This is what 21 hours of work looks like.

I'm feeling a little crazy. A little crazier that usual.

We are approaching the very end of the Memphis trip. The end of Season 5. Possibly the end of the show, ever. We've all been praying for the end.

Yesterday was hard. On top of the regular grueling shoots, yesterday we had a two hour drive to our location and a two hours drive back. The second shoot of the day was particularly involved, and it ended up being a 21 hour day.

Therefore, today was a little rough. We had to drive 45 min into Mississippi on top of the usual stuff we have to do, came back to our hotel and crashed. I woke up feeling off, and the Sonic we ate for lunch messed me up. It's either that our I have West Nile virus from all the bug bites. I look like an F'ing leper.

The only thing to do amidst the madness is to really make the best of it.

I heart Turnip
I get massages and tattoos from my director.

Shooting in Arkansas
Cool house in Searcy, Arkansas

When in Memphis...
Shooting Elvis style

Jam Out
Turnip and I with Karen Bottle Capps.

Team Turnipolino
Yeah, we're a pretty good team.

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