Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Stories to be told

I actually had stuff to share today but since the internet is being painfully slow, the full experience can't be had just yet. It would take forever to upload the pictures.

Things are pretty good now that we've caught up on sleep. Had some good shoots. Did some shopping. Had some adventures. Ate some damn good BBQ.

It never fails. Right around this time I get really sad to leave.

Actually seen a handful of Asians the last few days. A couple at breakfast downstairs, a gal at Pei Wei and a bunch at an import store next to one of our shoot locations yesterday. It's taken me 2 weeks to find them in this town.

Bought a pair of Crocs. Croc flip flops that is. That puts my count at 5 pairs, 5 different styles and I've yet to own a pair of the original style. I'm completely aware of how ugly they are (please don't dock me fashionista points), but you work a 21 hour day shooting dv and tell me they didn't change your life.

Enough! We're shooting in Mississippi tomorrow!

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