Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Swimming with Stingrays

It's probably the best thing I've ever done.

One of the big things to do in the Caymans is to visit Stingray City. It's a sandbar 30 minutes off the coast and the water is only 3 feet deep.

Last Monday, we were taken on a boating adventure with one other family. There were a total of three stops on our excursion. The first was at coral gardens.

The second was at a barrier reef.

And finally, kickin back with the stingrays.
Stingray City

Approximately 50 stingrays live here, and were drawn here years ago when fishermen would toss scraps overboard. They don't seem to mind the tourists because we bring food offerings, but most people are scared the F out of their minds.

Struck with Terror
Yep, most people are struck with terror.

However, they are so gentle and soft and they like to rub up against you. They are amazing to watch underwater.

Swimming with Stingrays

It was so much fun we went back again on Friday, but this time we just hit the last two stops so we would have more time at each.

I leave you with a video of my sister freaking out as she feeds a stingray. Enjoy!

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