Saturday, July 21, 2007

Killed Clever. Fled Country.

After approximately 12 hours of arriving in Los Angeles, I got back on a plane to Grand Cayman Island of the British West Indies. We are on a fam trip to celebrate my sister's graduation from LMU and her exciting upcoming career in accounting.

Hate me all you want. Sometimes I hate myself. Do yourself a favor and get down here or anywhere else outside the country the first chance you get.

I've been lucky to make a big snorkeling adventure every year or every other year.

So we're here, relaxing, soaking up sun, relaxing, hanging out at the beach. It's a super small island with super friendly people and there's no pressure to make a holiday agenda. Just relax.

Hanging at the Pool

Our trip is winding down and tomorrow I'm heading back home. I don't really want to leave but I do miss my dog, my pals, good old Silver Lake. I can't believe a good chunk of the summer has passed me by and I've been away.


Oh well. I already miss the stingrays.

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Lorelei said...

So excited you're finally returning to us! PARTY TIME coming soon!!!!