Friday, March 03, 2006

Time Out for Laundry Day

Ok, by very special request I am taking a time out from my San Diego, Cambria, and Disneyland vacation chronicles to tell you about that special time of the month. Laundry Day. This is hardcore folks. Can you handle my truth? (see jag use any opportunity to quote Britney Spears) It doesn't get any more real than this.

So far on Friendship Night, you've seen nothing but moments of fabulousness. This is only because the quotidian details need not clutter the world wide web. But to keep in touch with my homeboys I'll show you that like J.Lo, I'm real.

A Day in the Life (which was actually yesterday)

I wake up. I enjoy the cozy blanket Anthony gave me for my birthday. I eventually surface and get out of bed. It's before the PM. A success!

Plop on the couch. Turn on the TV. Check my email. Check myspace. Hop in the shower. Get ready for the day. Walk and make a drop off at the dry cleaners. Get home and order a pizza and salad from Domino's. It's like college. Comfort food. And I'm still in a tequila haze from the night before. No wonder I'm craving it. Pick up the pizza. Put on Broken Flowers and eat lunch.

Sidebar. I love Netflix. I live off of it. I've been a member for about 1.5 years and I've seen everything from Outfoxed to Sunset Boulevard, The 40 Year Old Virgin to Taxi Driver. Musicals, Westerns, Documentaries, obsure, tv shows, and somewhere in the mix are some crazy workout videos. And yet I still have over 400 videos on my list. Dare I tell you that 99% of my fiance's queue is Star Trek? I swear by Netflix, especially since I don't have cable. Loves it loves it loves it. Netflix is my constant companion.

You'll commonly find me eating to a dvd. Just one of my things. Hey, Jarhead comes out on DVD on Tuesday. Watch it. That little Jake Gyllenhal's got a bod on him. I also really like Peter Sarsgaard. I digress. Once I was nourished I sorted my laundry. There was quite a pile since it's been almost a month since my last load.


This round came out to two loads of darks, two lights, one white, one of towels, and three sets of sheets. It's a good thing there are two washers and two dryers in the building. Well I ran out of quarters so I was unable to get to the sheets. That'll have to wait til the weekend. And then I went to the movies to catch Match Point. I'm very behind on the Oscar contenders. Got back home. Checked email. Checked myspace. And I think I watched a little Conan before hitting the hay.

And today I went to Disneyland.

We now return to our regularly scheduled Friendship Night.


-Dave said... I see the big picture.

You don't have cable and subscribe to Netflix.

I have cable and spend the extra bucks for the extra channels. I buy almost every new movie on DVD, even without ever seeing.

I could take that money and go somewhere on weekends.

This post made me laugh, thanks.

Let the fiance' know I have almost every Star Trek dvd made and willing to rent out. Actually he can have all my "Voyager" series...jeez that series blew big chunks of klingon
snot (my opinion).

-Dave said...

"and today I went to Disneyland"...

now that's just being mean.