Sunday, March 12, 2006

Happy VD!

Pardon, someone's very behind in her blogging and must get caught up before that things starts. What's the word?? Ah, yes, WORK!

So to catch you up to speed I spent Valentine's Day as usual with the girls. I was actually fortunate enough to have a date last year, but two VD's in a row with the fiance would just seem obscene! Hmm, let's see, after many a phone call the day before VD I was able to get a reservation at Lola's. For those of you unfamiliar, this was the site of my bday a few years back, one of Marie's bday's as well... and a great martini bar with rockin mac and cheese. I have pretty high standards.

Oops, I forgot to mention before dinner, we caught Lady and the Tramp at El Capitan.

And before the movie, there was a short cartoon. One I'm sure you're all familiar with. An old school Disney cartoon. And then Mickey and Minnie came out dancing!

We also made a quick stop at the Disney Soda Shop.

For Kermit and Meredith.

Gill, on her mobile, dodging cameras and a creepy cupid from the Jimmy Kimmel show.

Did I mention Lola's has an extensive martini menu? My favorite is the key lime pie, and it's always fun to point out the garlic mashed potato martini. If anyone is brave enough to try this concoction, it'll be my treat.

After a super tasty dinner (I had a goat cheese salad and split mac and cheese with Gill who also had the filet and I think Angie had the chicken... oh yeah and we each got our own desserts and I'm still thinking about that chocolate bread pudding...) and a couple rounds of drinks we were ready to lay in our new found obesity.

Hope you had a good VD too!


JWG said...

please be kind and give more bikini shots.

JAG said...

Our fans may have to wait for the warm weather to hit first. Gives me some time to do some crunches before Hawaii!