Sunday, March 12, 2006

President's Day Weekend

President's Day Weekend is up there in favorite holidays. Because it's around Brian's birthday. Good sales. Long weekend. And the last holiday before a long stretch of rain? cold? work? no work?

It's also prime time for traveling/accepting visitors. This particular weekend, Christian kissed the Attorney General of Arizona and little Ziggy good-bye and we went in search of other fabulous people. Celebrity types, you know. Seen any lately?

We drove around for a bit. Spotted some nice cars. Took a tour of Santa Monica. View from the pier.

A cool exhibition I'm interested in. I hope it's still there.

We also saw Transamerica. Hahaha. I liked it.

[Insert here, pictures from Xian's camera]

We made a stop at the Dresden to say hi to Marty and Elaine. I also bumped into some Alabama kids from work. I felt very Hollywood. Very Swingers.
"You're like a bear, and you don't know what to do with these claws."
"Didn't you apply at Starbucks?"
"This place is dead anyway."


We did the Hollywood tour. Saw the Hollywoodland sign.

Made a stop at Amoeba.

And then went to Hollywood & Highland. Saw the Chinese Theatre and Kodak Theatre.

Then we went to Melrose and ended up spending hours at Marie and Eamonn's new diggs, expanding the music list for the wedding

By the time we got back home it was perfect timing to catch Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy. You know, the one at the end where George hooks up with Meredith. I'm sorry, George is just asking to get crushed!

And I'm very pleased to annouce the resurfacing of my friend and fellow Wildcat Justin. Not only did he resurface, he is now living just minutes away in a super incredibly fantastic neighborhood, and I'm so jealous and happy.

So the three Media Arts kids caught up, and we schemed great things.

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