Friday, March 17, 2006

Oley Wedding Weekend: Wednesday/Thursday

"Can you handle it? Can you handle my truth?" - Britney Spears.

It's one of my favorite and most quoted lines, for real.

Years in the making, Marie and Eamonn's wedding was finally upon us. I'd been given the title wedding coodinator, and I've been Marie's support staff in this effort since their engagement. But really, I wanted to be the coordinator so I could yell at people and Marie could put aside her roll as bridezilla.

WEDNESDAY: Make-up trial
Marie's make-up was in the bag, and it came time for Robin to be America's Next Top Model. We were pleased to find out that Robin had spent a small fortune at Sephora and they made her into an angel!

Robin embracing ikea's "schlong."

Many phone calls and hours later, pizza still wasn't there. Robin had to take off, and it was getting late and we were starving. I am very pleased to announce that the new Oley nest is dangerously close to Astro Burger, and we enjoyed the fine dining all for the first time. We also all feasted on the veggie burger with avocado, fries and onion rings which Eamonn called baby skin. Nonetheless, it was scrumptious and hit the spot as we went over the schedule and strategery for the weekend.

My tummy was full of butterflies. This was it. We were leaving for Cambria.

I picked up Miss Marie in my mommy's car since my bitty car wouldn't even accomodate our shoe collection. We then met Miss Robin and from there we rode in the rockin Element. Made a stop in Solvang for gas, and I needed a snack. We shared all the Carls Jr goodies: crisscut fries, fried zucchini, and chicken strips. But it was ok to eat because as Marie pointed out, it was just like tempura.

It was a super easy drive as usual, and we checked into the hotel. Our bad boy suite comfortably sleeps 6 people, with a bedroom, balcony, sofa bed, murphy bed, and two fireplaces. It was prefect. We unpacked and made sure everything was accounted for before we headed off to dinner.

But wait. Where was Marie's fur?

Marie's wedding dress was made complete with a rabbit fur bolero (sshhh, don't tell PETA) to cover her shoulders in the chapel and keep her warm in the brisk central coast weather. When we were on our way in my mom's car, Marie made a point to pull out the fur so she could keep track of it.

And suddenly upon arrival in Cambria, it was gone.

Ok, ok, no time to worry. It had made it's way as far as my mom's car, so at least we knew it made it to Thousand Oaks. Could Marie have brought it up to Robin's and forgot it? No. Could it still be in my mom's car? I didn't think so because I looked everything over to make sure nothing was left, but that's where we decided it must be. Dear Lord, don't let it be on the ground!

We devised a plan for Tom, Robin's fiance, to drive bring the fur when he came up on Friday. However, if it was in my mom's car he would have to pick up a key from them. So, after Tom's late shift on Thursday in Santa Monica, he'd have to drive to the west valley and up to TO.

After all the appropriate phone calls had been made, we were stah-ving. We were on our way out of the hotel for dinner when Marie looked into a shopping bag.... and there it was. Pristine, white rabbit fur.

We had to laugh. It was like a test, and we passed. No one freaked out, and we were quick to problem solve. Ok, first hurdle down and now time to eat!

With the many trips to Cambria under our belt between the three of us, none of us had ever dined at Robin's.

The gals, after an exotic meal, bottle of wine, and let's not forget the dessert.

When our tummies were happy we made a brief stop at the Oley's and headed back to the hotel, where the women's ice skating finals were waiting for us. And when that was all over, we had to put ourselves to bed immediately because we had a big day ahead of us. Immediately after scrubbing our teeth with baking soda and burning off the top layer of our skin with a masque, that is.

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