Wednesday, June 01, 2011

It's June!

Passing the Aqua Luna on the ride home.  Life is good.
Where has this year gone?  It's been flying by and I hope I've done something worthwhile with the first 6 months of my 30s...
I needed a time out to reflect on where I've gone and where I'm going, and why not think out loud for everyone to hear right? 

The beginning of the year started off strong.  I was getting in really serious shape training for the Hong Kong (half) marathon, and Green Power, which included weekly trail runs in a group.  I wasn't very social since this sort of training is like a part time job, and honestly after getting my butt kicked on the trails, I don't really want to shower and do my hair and make up all over again.  I got to spend a lot of time outside hiking and running.  It was fantastic.

Then the dodgeball season started.  And the weather warming up.  And weddings, oh man, the weddings...  My workout schedule took a backseat to all that.  I don't like talking about weight stuff, but I've ballooned.  Overnight.  No joke.  It happened when I first moved here too.  And I can't let it happen again.  I need to go back into hiding.

To keep my goals manageable, I'm taking things on a monthly basis.  Once my vertigo has subsided, I'll get back to the gym.  Less socializing, less drinking, less eating out.  I know it sounds totally boring, but lately I've been out and about every night, that's Hong Kong for you.  I can take a bit of a break and maybe surface for the really important stuff only.  Like the end of the season dodgeball party :)

I have a few other personal projects that I'm working on, so I better stop procrastinating!

Also, to get a better grip on my financial situation, I'm trying out  It's easy to set up and you can link your banking and credit card information directly to the site so it requires very little work on your part.  You can see where your money is going, create budgets and goals.  I know a lot of my money is drained by fine dining and alcohol...  and all that gets me is a bigger gut.  If I want to have more travel adventures and cute shoes, I better get my wallet in order!

So now that the bills are paid (personal and office), I need to strategically plan where my few free dollars are going.  There are a few things I'm in the market for.  The first and most important is an everyday purse.  My previous one that I had for maybe over a year (or two?) is completely busted.  It was a good purse.  And if I didn't use it every day (I sure did.  I never changed it out) perhaps it could have lived to see another day.  At the moment I'm using a very expensive deerskin leather bag, and the only reason why I have this is because it's work related.  But I don't want to turn it into an every day beat up bag.  It's much too nice for that.  With limited space I don't really have any other purses.  I'm not much of a bag person anyway, but perhaps that's changing.  I have a few clutches which are very small, and I really need to add a few more pieces into my collection to cover my bases.  My purchase of the month will be a great bag.  Maybe two :)  And I'm also interested in some large stud earrings..  Well, it's a good thing I'm now on a budget! 

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