Friday, June 24, 2011


My cousin came to visit on Friday with his GF.  And he had a question.
It's nice being grown-up friends with your cousins.  I didn't have immediate family around as a kid, due to location.  I have like 30,000 cousins (the exact number may never be known) and I am probably closest with the two cousins that are nearest to me in age.  AB, PR and me are only a few months apart, and each are male cousins on each side of the fam.

Last time I saw my cousin PR, he told me his plans for proposing to Ella.  The original idea was going to be tacked along with a business trip to Las Vegas for a convention.  They would take a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon and he would propose there.

It didn't work out like that.  Ella's USA visa got denied.  Plan B.

PR and Ella arrived in HK on Friday, watched the light show, took a stroll on the Ave of the Stars, and came upon a street artist with the above picture on display.  He got down on one knee, gave her the ring, and then me and 3 of their friends came running out from behind a statue to congratulate them.  By request, a big evening of clubbing followed.  It was a great night!

They got lots of good pictures, so at some point I will have to steal them.  Until then...

Sometimes I make funny faces.

Urban Outfitters blouse

Zara skirt (recent)

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