Friday, June 17, 2011


I got rained on.  Then I got my butt kicked. 
Day 3 of the 30 x 30 challenge.  Time to break out my new green skirt and old floral blouse.

Gap wrap blouse / recent Zara skirt / gifted necklace / gifted bracelet / rain boots from some boutique / umbrella from Nordstrom Rack
At the very least, this is a different elevator. Still trying to figure out a better self portrait situation.

I like red and green together without looking Christmasy.  I wish the top was a bit longer so it would work tucked in.  I need to understand the limitations of my clothes, just like I understand my own limitations.  You can't force something to be something it's not. 

My super cute rain boots are from some little boutique in my hood (no idea the name) which I bought out of necessity maybe my first year here.  And probably around this time.  I hate wet feet.  I'm not talking about taking a dip in the pool.  You know when you're cruising around in socks and you step in something wet?  Yeah, it's gross.  And when it rains I don't wanna have squishy feet all day.  Cue the boots.  Sad thing is it's too hot to wear them much.  It's too hot to wear ANYTHING.  These boots are actually not in my 30 list because I only wear them when necessary and only for commutes.  I change into my work shoes (the ones that live under the desk) when I get to the office.


Sherry said...

Cute boots!!! I love your outfit too - great top and skirt!! I know what you mean about the wet sock thing - drives me crazy and feels so disgusting!! Love your blog!

Christine Jag said...

Thanks for stopping by! Totally coveting your t-strap heels and that focaccia bread!