Saturday, June 04, 2011

Bologne Lunch with a View

I've been meaning to try this place forevers. There's a location right by my friend's place in Central (technically Sheung Wan on that side of the street) and one close to work. Bologne is a Japanese restaurant, that makes Danish bread, located in Hong Kong?  I have no idea how this relates to bologne, but the bread is delish!

The menu is very HK weird.  Like the HK version of spaghetti and pork chops.  I'm always wary of this.  But since the bread is supposed to be the main event, that's what I went for.  With some eggs.  The bread is like sweet, fresh Texas toast.  It was really good and I wanted so much more.  But I told myself to be content with the serving put in front of me. 

Carbs and a view, not too shabby.

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