Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jakarta, Banana Kafe

At every establishment we visited, Daven asked for a banana. He likes bananas. We think he's a monkey. He sometimes does this at home as well.

The two things Rachel told me to experience were foods: nasi goreng (check) and a cheese and chocolate covered banana. Say what? Yes, you heard that right. She's been clamoring over it ever since I've known her and I kept my eyes open all weekend for it.

On our last night we wanted to celebrate by going to Bebek Bengal, or the Dirty Duck Diner. We were severely disappointed and it started when the taxi dropped us off at a mall. NOT a good sign. And mildly reminiscent of Cesars.

This was definitely not the restaurant it was in Hongkers. The old one had amazing atmosphere and ambiance. You felt like you were in Bali. It had a great outdoor patio over Wan Chai, where you could lounge in the couch-like seating and eat sitting indian style. This would all be nothing if the food was not fantastic as well. We usually went for the set dinner, which was a sampling of maybe a dozen items (no joke) of whatever was fresh and what the chef was cooking. It was always fabulous.

Well, that closed and now the stupid one in Jakarta remains. The menu consisted of about 5 items, all of which we ordered, and it was severely disappointing. We didn't even want to order more.

During our walk around this strange shopping plaza, we stumbled upon the Banana Kafe. Probably one of the weirder things in this Muslim country. WTF?

It must have been designed by Bobby Trendy's Indonesian little bro. This place was all over the map.

Feather boas, chandeliers, textures, colors, a mosh of everything.

Oh yeah, and it was empty.

But I found what I was looking for. There it is, the cheese and chocolate covered banana! The final verdict from all three of us: it was delicious!

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